26 - 27 November 2019
Hotel Mulia Senayan Jakarta
About DCD
About DCD

As the biggest construction market in Southeast Asia, with an infrastructure construction value of IDR 451,3T or 10,36% of Indonesian GDP and absorbing about 8,3 million manpower1), Indonesia has become the 4th biggest construction market in Asia following China, Japan, and India.

Industry 4.0 offers the opportunity of massive digitalization and smart automation that would affect the construction industry and its business process. Smart Construction, a term that is used in the construction business process based on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, IoT, and Robot, has quite a big impact to increase the company’s business value by cutting waste along the construction process. Thus, a construction company should have a higher level of prowess in predicting and identifying the risk based on data and information. Furthermore, it might be used as a reference for making a strategic business decision and minimize the amount of risk.

Digital construction, especially BIM (Building Information Modeling), can be implemented in the whole construction processes/life cycles, starting from design, application, handover, to facility management utilization. Collaboration from all construction stakeholders is required, to achieve the target of “Cost, Quality, and Time”. BIM is expected to increase a significant value of the construction process and decrease waste production from the beginning to the end of the construction process itself.

Many countries have developed BIM technology in their construction process, either a voluntary or mandatory action. In Indonesia, BIM technology is implemented in accordance with international standards and national regulations.

Digital construction or BIM technology era is thrived along with Industry 4.0 where many construction processes have been done by smart algorithms, IoT, and Machine Learning to produce a smarter, more effective, and more efficient way to build. Therefore, 2nd Digital Construction Day 2019 is held to present a comprehensive understanding of all construction industry practitioners about the importance of digitalization and smart construction in Industry 4.0.





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